Why I Avoid Fitspiration Posts and Photos

Why I avoid thinspiration and fitspiration posts and photos… Because I feel that it helps me become a better me.

Over the last year, I feel like there has been an overwhelming amount of “fitspo” flooding the internet. Maybe this is due to the popularity of instagram and selfies. Who knows. It may help motivate some people, and that’s great. What I do know is that I don’t think positive thoughts when I view these photos.

This is probably because those photos show perfect looking bodies and it is something many of us try to attain. We view the photo as a symbol of perfection, but it is simply not true.

My ultimate goals and my “perfection” is to find where I feel happiest and healthiest. I make the fitness and nutrition choices in my life according to what I think is balanced and right for me. Not for that person in the photo.

So, let this be a message of encouragement: Make your own personal goals for YOU. And not looking at “fitspo” photos helps me focus on me! So, try it out!


Good “Fitspo” Post

be strongImage sourceĀ 

Bad Post

bad fitspo

And I will leave you with a quote for the day :)



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    I made a post about this too on my blog! I totally agree. Sometimes I don’t know where to draw the line between fitspo and thinspo.

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