What’s the Deal with Alkaline Diets

Over the past year or so, alkaline diets have become more popular. I was so confused by alkaline diets because our body does a pretty great job at maintaining homeostasis. I thought it was all a load of crap.

Confused? Think back to science class and the pH scale: alkaline means a more basic environment.

The body performs best at a more alkaline environment. Many believe that by eating foods that have high alkalinity, you will help create better health and improve the metabolism.

My thought on all this was that it doesn’t really matter if a food is more acidic or basic. Our bodies do a great job of buffering where we need to be.

Plus, there is very little hard science and research that says anything to back up alkaline diets.

You shouldn’t have to avoid certain fruits or vegetables because they are more acidic. That is ridiculous because they are loaded with antibacterial properties and plenty of other phytochemicals to heal the body.

One area that I do agree with: Meat creates a more acidic environment in the body. It seems possible that if we eat too much meat, there could be a more acidic body environment because those meats are more complex to break down. I would agree that we should eat less meat for optimal health.

One condition that seems to improve with an alkaline diet: Gout! I have had many people tell me how their gout has improved after using alkaline water drops. It makes sense since people with gout have uric acid build up.

Still want to try to add more base to your body? You could try a supplement like Barlean’s Greens:
Evitamins sent me a free sample. It is basically a cleaner greens/antioxidant/alkaline supplement. I like it for days where I feel like I haven’t eaten as many antioxidants. I do pretty well with my diet, so I only use it occasionally. I have read reviews on it and many said it has helped their energy levels. Yeah, and so does having a good diet! Haha.

Ingredients: A proprietary blend* of Organic Barley leaf, Oat leaf and Wheat leaf combined with Barley juice, Wheat juice and Oat juice powders, Spirulina, Organic Flaxmeal, RiceX Bran, Chlorella, Sea Vegetables, Spinach, Parsley, Astragalus, Schizandra, Acerola Cherry, Rosemary powder, Green Tea extract, Curcumin extract, Stevia, Full spectrum digestive enzymes. *(Concentrated 1500%)

My favorite thing about this is the chlorella in it–can help to help rid of toxic heavy metals in the body. And I am a big fan of curcumin (in turmeric).

Anyway, what do you think about alkaline diets?


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