What to Know Before Living With a Man

Totally non-nutrition topic. But, it got me cracking up just thinking about these things. It all started when I found Allen keys or whatever the heck they are called on the bathroom floor. It’s blog worthy because I think a lot of people can relate.

  1. Stock up on Febreeze. Their shoes always smell, and if you live in a small space, the shoes will become the apartment’s fragrance.
  2. Stock up on scented candles. They mask other smelly boy stuff, and help you feel a little more romantic and human.
  3. When they tell you that you are wrong, or that you are bad at sharing spaces, just say, “OK, you are right, I will do better next time”. Trust me–it’s worth it (for the small stuff anyway).
  4. The longer you live with the man, the more his stuff will start to overflow into the living space. And your clothing will start to overflow into his closet space.
  5. Let the man do some cleaning, or he never will again.
  6. You will find random things like tools in unexpected places like the bathroom.
  7. Just because you live together doesn’t mean you will spend more quality time with each other. You need to make time.
  8. Be nice and paint your nails while he is away. Men hate the smell of nail polish and will remind you of this every time you paint your nails. To them, it is as bad as their dirty shoes are to you.
  9. Be realistic. You can’t expect that a man (or anyone) will change. If he left hairs and toothpaste all over the bathroom vanity at his place, there will still be hairs and toothpaste on your communal bathroom. But, probably less if you clean it. So, take a good look at how he lives before you live together because that is what it will be like.
  10. The only nutrition tip: eat about 50-70% of what he eats. Since you are living together, you will be sharing more meals together. Do not match him calorie for calorie or you will wonder why you gained weight at the end of the month.

Living together is not full of negative things–well, it depends on the person. But, I had a hard time coming up with these pointers so, there can be a lot of good as well. Coming home to someone is nice, and sharing meals together is like a mini date (as long as you don’t ignore each other). And if you’re having a bad day, or a great day, you have someone to talk about it with.

Anyway, I would love to hear any other tips people have or things they wish they knew before living together.


  1. Eunice says

    Ha I love this! Ok so my tip: even if your bf cooked you fabulous meals before you moved in together, don’t expect him to do the same when you shack up. He cooked because he had to. Now he has you to cook him meals. A cooking boycott solves that. You’re right about making time for each other. I barely talk to the bf otherwise! Oh and get extra Febreeze.

  2. says

    Hahhahah i love it! I am currently apartment hunting with my bf right now. I think what i have already found is somehow he leaves random socks everywhere!!!!

  3. says

    This list is so spot-on! I especially agree with #7–being in the same space at any given time is NOT quality time by default.

    I wish I had been told that, no matter how many baskets you provide for the purpose, the can of shaving cream and the razor would ALWAYS sit precariously on the edge of the bathroom sink. It’s been nine years of moving the damn stuff every single day, no matter how I hint, ask, or nag. It drives me INSANE.

  4. lolabutterfly says

    here’s an idea get married and stop ‘shacking up’ and being these guys’ dumpsters ladies when he get tired of you he just going to replace you with another women — move em in, ship em out.

    • ellie says

      wow- you’ve been burnt…..or you’re just a b…… not all men do that and marriage isn’t always the most practical way of living. weddings are expensive/family may not agree/you may have the intention of coming together and sharing expenses in order to GET married. Sometimes things don’t work out whether you are married or not.

  5. alice says

    totally agree with all of these!!! my man is total slob and its a daily chore just to clean up after much less myself and a 11 month old toddler. look long and hard ladies!!! or else you will feel like his mother and become resentful. i clean and cook and do everything for my man and he always gets upset that he cant find anything because i clean up and put things in their place so he says “just stop doing my laundry ok?” and i do…but then 3 weeks later he’s asking me to wash his boxers. lol… i don;t mind doing it because i love him and i cant be completely mad since I was a slob too until i got pregnant. in preparation for our baby i cleaned everything and basically am OCD with cleaning now.

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