Weekend at The Beach

Went to Tybee Island this weekend. It is the perfect weekend getaway for those who live in Atlanta because it is only a 4 hour drive (add an extra hour if there is traffic). I have never been there, but I have lived in Atlanta for 9 years now. So ridiculous! I was missing out on nice beach weekends. Except, do not go when it is mosquito season which is most of the year. I came back with mosquito bites all over my body. Yikes.

Anyway, we ate at a beach front restaurant, and I ordered a shrimp burger which was supposed to be their specialty.
I didn’t know it was going to be so fried. I didn’t eat the bun… It wasn’t even that great. OK, but not really worth the fried oils.

So, we made it a point to get some fresh (and as local as possible) produce at a stand on the way home from getting a toothbrush and underwear that I forgot at home. Hey, I remembered to bring my seed crackers, but not the essentials.

And made a fresh omelet the next morning!
Made a skinny margarita that night with the seed crackers that I remembered to bring.
 And had a salad with mahi for dinner!
Got to see a beautiful sunset.
And climbed the lighthouse the next morning, then went to Savannah for dinner. I ordered a peach BBQ salmon with snow peas at Boar’s Head restaurant.
It was great, but my sister had a delicious dish of alfredo/pesto pasta with chicken that we were all eating from.
 Then, we got some candy for dessert (including a giant peanut butter cup!) and walked around town for a while.
Had a super spicy shrimp quesadilla before we left town. It was loaded with jalapenos and large shrimp. When you get a quesadilla there is always the chance that your tortilla will have trans fat, but what else are you going to do? I could’ve got a salad with chicken, but I am so sick of salads with chicken.
 It was either that or this:
Not many healthy choices… your best choice would be some type of grilled or steamed seafood. But, all they had was fried foods. You can ask if they will put the shrimp on salad (which is what I did), but the server was perplexed when I asked. So, I went for the quesadilla.
Hope everyone had a good weekend! Now it’s time to work hard this week :)


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    Looks like you ate some great food but that shrimp burger must have been a huge disappointment – shrimp is one of my favorite foods and to see what they’ve done to it is criminal

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