Week of Kale Continues…

I’ve been eating lots of kale this week ever since I realized I like it as salad greens.

Found these baby kale greens at Whole Paycheck. Little baby kale–so cute! And healthy. I figured I couldn’t go wrong.

And then transformed it into this:
Buried the kale underneath a pile of natural light ranch dressing, olives, avocado, other veggies, and a pinch of feta.

I have realized many people avoid avocados because of the higher fat content and calories. Seriously? Do not worry. The avocado is loaded with plenty of heart health monounsaturated fats, and half an avocado is only 150 calories. This is not bad at all. Don’t forget, the greens are very low calorie. The only other significant calorie source is the dressing. So, when you have avocado, go lighter on the dressing.

Then there were some nutrition failures this weekend:
Sorry for the back focused picture. Terrible, but I had to hurry because we were rushing to go and ice cream was about to drip all over my hand. No time for blogging photos!

Psycho Holiday Baker (my Mom) was craving some ice cream after Costco shopping, and I really did not want any part of that massive ice cream cup. Really, it is so large–Costco style. I cringed at the thought of all that sugar. But, I rarely turn down ice cream, and my Mom was going to feel guilty if I didn’t join here.

Now, time for menu planning Monday:


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      Haha, I know. I picked up a piece of chicken they had to sample, and after I thought, “Why am I eating this? I never buy this frozen pre-cooked chicken…”

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    So what is this food porn Wednesday and why do I not know of it?!? I like Feel Good Fridays and still have a draft post I need to write for you: trust me, it sounds awmeose in my head. I like the idea of 3-4 meals you can prepare ahead/freeze using nearly all the same ingredients, especially things in season.

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