Vinegar: The New Healthy Condiment

I love adding vinegar to recipes and meals because it adds tanginess and flavor to excite my taste buds without adding loads of calories or tons of additives. Vinegar also contains anti-bacterial properties, but other nutritional benefits are not well known. More research is needed especially for apple cider vinegar.

Important to note: Do not take apple cider vinegar as a daily supplement without speaking to your Doctor or Registered Dietitian. Taking vinegar on a daily basis as a supplement is an unproven treatment. But, for cooking–go right ahead and use it!NAKANO rice vinegar

Mizkan (company that makes a variety of condiments) was kind enough to send me some free NAKANO rice vinegar to try. They have natural rice vinegar as well as some flavored varieties.

My favorite so far is the red pepper seasoned vinegar. It is a little sweet (does contain 5 g sugar), but spicy, and salty all at the same time. So,  of course I love it. The only thing I would caution is to watch how much you use because if you go overboard with the condiment, you could be adding too much sugar to your food. But, you only need a tiny amount because the flavor is so strong (which is good).

1 Tbsp = 20 calories

Here are some meal ideas that I have already tried adding these rice vinegars to:

cabbage apple slaw

Vinegar in Apple Cabbage Slaw Recipe

grilled romaine

Vinegar as condiment for grilled chicken.

Do you use vinegar as a condiment?


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