Vegas Food

I’m back from my Las Vegas trip! And of course I have a list of foods to share with you all! Let the food parade begin…

Light Custard with Strawberries from the Bellagio (pictured top). The topping is sugar! Some sweet ladies bought our group this dessert and a banana split to celebrate the trip.
Some ladies got Chocolate Croissants from Paris Hotel (pictured right). The French don’t get fat, right?

Next the girls saw the statue of liberty made of jelly beans. I didn’t see this because I wasn’t feeling too hot that day.

At dinner that night we went to an organic restaurant at Mandalay Bay called the Border Grill. They have all natural and organic foods including margaritas! I got non-traditional mulitas which are portobello mushrooms layered with black beans, onions, sauteed greens, and guacamole.

My sister ordered the enchiladas (pictured below).

For dessert, the Border Grill has this Pastel with cream cheese, puff pastry, chocolate chunks, mousse which was delicious! It was like eating a pimped out cream puff.

Next… I bring you the world’s largest chocolate fountain! Seriously. The fountain is at the Bellagio in the chocolate shop.

There were also these cute mini desserts like mini key lime pie, or mini fruit tarts (pictured below).

One day we went to Serendipity where you can get ginormous sundaes. My sister got frozen hot chocolate and I got a classic sundae.

 But, don’t worry–we ate a salad before we got out desserts! The carrots on top were dried carrots and tasted just like a potato chip.

For dinner that night we went to Emeril’s restaurant, Delmonico, at the Venetian and I had his version of fancy BBQ salmon. I wasn’t a fan of the fried onion strings, but oh well, the salmon was cooked perfectly. 

Oh, and P.S.–this salmon was a $40 piece of fish. Crazy. Six waiters came out and put our plates in front of us all at the same second. Our friend got the scallops special which I was almost jealous of because it looked so good!

Our last day we went to lunch at Olives at the Bellagio so that we could watch the fountains one last time. We had olive tapenade and delicious Greek salads.

We had a fun time in Vegas, but I definitely want to go back because I didn’t get to see everything I had wanted to see. Until ne
xt time, Vegas…


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