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Hello Bloggies. I have had a weekend away from my computer, so I have been a little out of the loop. I was at my boyfriend’s triathlon (he got 2nd place… I would say more, but I just like to keep my personal life private) and met someone from twitter there. Strange enough. It is funny how people from twitter come to life. I used to be big into twitter (still kind of am), but now that I am following so many people it is hard to keep track of what the heck is going on. How am I supposed to follow tweets every 15 seconds when they pop up on my computer? I need a better system. I guess I will just start categorizing the people I want to follow, and go from there.
Aside from my tweets, I am sure you want to know something nutritionally relevant for the day. Well, I learned about spirulina this weekend. It’s this blue/green algae (think friendly seaweed) that is generally sold as a health food item claiming to help keep you young (anti-inflammatory, heart healthy, antioxidant, etc.) and to prolong your abilities in endurance events. Anything made with spirulina is likely blackish-blue in color. Wacko. So… I researched spirulina a little more. Most research has just been done on animal studies (so, not enough research has been done to be very conclusive about the effects on humans).

Regardless, spirulina is like any other plant food–good for us! It contains many healthy essential fatty acids, is a complete protein, and contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. Aztecs have been eating it for centuries; spirulina is a highly nutritionally dense food (like I said before–it is full of every nutrient you can imagine and a complete protein). So how do you eat it? Make smoothies, put it in dips, soups, bars, etc. The only way I have tried it was in a granola bar type product, and yes it looked gross, but did not taste as bad (though I hear most do not like the taste so they take it in capsule form for the health benefits). Of course it taste like you’re eating something “healthy”, but I think we just need to learn how to cook with it properly. I found this recipe for spirulina balls which seems very simple and healthy with almond butter, honey, raisins, walnuts, dates, etc. I am thinking about making something like this and having it as my granola bar substitute. I will let you know how it turns out or if it is even that easy/affordable to make.

I am beginning to think I need some spirulina right now for extra strength… I am about to fall asleep at my computer from such a long day of travel back to Georgia.

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    Happy to hear you had a great weekend- a weekend away from the computer is always a win in my books- not to mention the man (basically) winning a tri!

    Question for you- have you studied much about the link between alkaline diets and cancer? or the lack of cancer with people who consume high alkaline diets?

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    I know! Great weekend!!
    Alkaline diets tend to be healthier in general than non alkaline diets. They are more rich in vegetables and high in minerals. So, when people tend to consume this high alkaline diet with little to no added sugars, excess fat, processed food, alcohol, etc. you get studies that show that alkaline diets prevent cancer. My view is that it is just better to consume a diet high in fruits and vegetables and limit those processed foods. Those are the studies that have definitive evidence against cancer–consuming up to 9 servings of fruit/veg. Hope this helps a little. I may do a post about it…

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