Turmeric Supplement

I was watching a bunch of TED Talks the other day on Netflix. And one of them was explaining how we may be able to prevent and reduce cancer by eating certain foods.

Yes, I understand this. Eat plenty of whole foods and plants and I will get plenty of antioxidants. But, what this TED Talks was saying is that by eating foods that may contain anti androgenic properties we can prevent cancer and other health issues.

Androgens are hormones that are essential for the function of various body processes (includes testosterone). The whole science behind this is pretty complicated and involves many factors. So, I will send you here: to the TED talks video about this instead of having you read my less scientific explanation.

There is absolutely no medical nutrition therapy for this type of food or concern at this time. But, it is an interesting topic and we may see more on this topic in the future.

So, I went ahead and bought some turmeric which is packed full of antioxidant properties. I thought, hey, why not, it couldn’t hurt.
Possible Turmeric Benefits:

  • decreased Alzheimer’s risk (populations that use a lot of turmeric in cooking have the lowest rates!)
  • reduced cancer risk (most research on turmeric surrounds cancer prevention/reduction)
  • decreased body inflammation
    • reduced arthritis
    • reduced IBS
    • reduced skin inflammation and psoriasis
    • reduced cholesterol levels and¬†atherosclerosis
    • reduced eye inflammation (uveitis)
  • may be beneficial to autoimmune conditions
  • detoxifies the liver (and help prevent liver disease)
  • improved body metabolism

Make sure to ask your doctor before supplementing with turmeric, especially if you have a sensitive health condition, are pregnant, or have history of any gallbladder conditions.

Have you tried turmeric supplements before?

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