Tired of Oatmeal? Try Multigrain Hot Cereal

I came across this multigrain hot cereal from Hodgson Mill when I was deciding what oatmeal to choose at the grocery store. I decided to try it because I was tired of my same oatmeal routine.
The ingredients are so simple (all natural and whole grain).
The flaxseed gives the cereal fiber and omega-3’s, the bran adds more fiber, and the soy helps to add even more protein.
Looks perfectly healthy, and like a good breakfast to me! This is what it looks like dry before cooking. You only need a third of a cup for a serving which actually cooks up to be about a cup or so.
I don’t think this will be winning any oatmeal beauty pageants, but it tastes great. I didn’t add anything except I did cook it with skim milk. It doesn’t really need any sweetening or anything because it has a good hearty taste. The texture, however, is not really my favorite. It is a little gritty, but I got past that. You can try adding some fruit for extra flavor–I like adding bananas.


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