This Week’s Eats

Besides what I posted this week… here is some random eats from this past week (or it could have been the week before… who knows):

Mr. Cyclist made the best broccoli ever. And it was from frozen broccoli!
I think the key was adding plenty of choppedĀ caramelizedĀ onions, and sharp cheddar cheese.

There were some Jelly Belly’s eaten which I don’t even really like that much. I like the plum, raspberry, and peach flavors–mostly the flavors Mr. Cyclist hates which works out well for me šŸ˜‰
I asked him why he bought the Jelly Belly’s, and pointed out that it is basically just like eating pure corn syrup. He says, “because they are delicious”, or something like that.

Made the spaghetti squash this week, some of my favorite kale with sausage, eggplant dip, and went to a wine tasting.

I also discovered the most amazing Greek yogurt dip from Costco (which was my pre-wine tasting snack).
It love to dip carrots and any kind of raw veggies in it. It is basically my favorite flavors: tastes like sour cream with a hint of salsa mixed in. And it has some kick to it.
The ingredients look perfect to me!

Ate some heirloom tomatoes which are called “heirloom” tomatoes because the seeds can be passed down through generations. Didn’t know that.
There are different colors and varieties of heirloom tomatoes, and some are better to eat raw, and others are better for stews, sauces, or cooking. I guess I’ll just have to research the types online before I eat one again.

For next week…
Thinking about grocery shopping and recipe ideas. Here is was I have found on the internet this week:

Happy Weekend!


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