Tasty China

My favorite Chinese restaurant in the Atlanta area is Tasty China because their food has depth of flavor, and most of it is eye-watering spicy.

We ordered takeout, and watched Black Swan which was an excellent movie (doesn’t leave you will a happy feeling, but is well made).

Anyway, my favorite dishes from Tasty China are the basil chicken, the cashew chicken was good (see below), and their soups are all excellent so far. They have this one soup, it’s basically a hot and numbing wonton soup with chili oil, and it is delicious. Anything with hot and numbing peppers actually numbs your mouth in a strange way. Maybe so you don’t feel the heat?

Most of the food is very oily though, so a small portion fills you up quickly. For example, Mr Triathlete (who I now may refer to as Mr Cyclist…) and I share one of those entrees and always have leftovers.

Pictured above is the dry fried eggplant. It is rated as one of the top 50 foods to eat in Atlanta. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought it wouldn’t actually be fried, but regardless, these eggplants were coated with oil. Pretty greasy. Even so, they had excellent flavor, and were very spicy! These will not make my favorite list, and I am not sure that I would classify them as one of the top 50 foods in Atlanta.

Anyway, I wouldn’t call Chinese restaurants health food dining, but it’s a great way to try new foods.


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