Tasty Atlanta

I was unable to go to FNCE this year with my fellow Dietitians. Definitely going to try to go to the Texas FNCE next year.

So, the least I could do was go to a food festival–Taste of Atlanta!

One of the first things I spotted was this sign:

Reese’s peanut butter cup doughnut… let me just look. And what happens?

Don’t freak out. Yes, I ate a baby doughnut. I am only human. The sad thing is that it wasn’t amazing. This one I would rate as not worth it.

Next, Mr. Cyclist got some tasty bites:

Delicious chips and cheese dip from Lime restaurant that just came to Atlanta. It was one restaurant that we discovered and decided we would frequent in the future.

Mr. Cyclist got some shrimp jambalaya while I ate some baklava.

This baklava was my favorite part of Taste of Atlanta. I have always loved baklava. The texture is moist, yet crunchy. The honey and walnuts are warm and delicious. And I love phyllo dough (insert guilty face here).

More tasty bites. Beet salad with some type of cheese and truffle oil (I think):

Creamy shrimp and grits with hint of sausage:

After feeling a little full, we decided to walk around Atlanta for a little while. And we stumbled across this crazy thing:

It’s a massive mushroom!! Kinda gross.

Walked back to Taste of Atlanta for a few more bites, and this guy:

Great flavor from the grill. But, the artichoke was a little inedible except for the inner most leaves.

We got loads of free chickpea chips and popcorn from Smart Food.

Beautiful sunny day!


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