Steelhead Fish: Just Like Salmon

I tried steelhead tonight. It tastes just like salmon and is cheaper than salmon. Steelhead is in the trout family even though it looks like salmon. Steelhead is also known as sea rainbow trout. Like salmon, steelhead travel back to fresh water to spawn (they live in the ocean, but breed in fresh water). And they are a very popular sport fish because they do a lot of jumping around in the water.

The nutrition facts are very similar to salmon making steelhead a very healthy choice. From one serving of about 3 oz (100 g) you will get about 1 g of omega 3. The recommendation from the American Heart Association is to eat fish two times per week. If you are supplementing the recommendation is anywhere from 1 to 4 grams of omega 3s (in the form of EPA and DHA) per day. The upper levels of supplementation is recommended for those with high cholesterol and/or heart disease. Those with diabetes  or bleeding disorders should definitely seek a doctor before supplementing.

Studies show the strongest evidence for heart disease prevention. People have begun taking fish oil for a variety of reasons like arthritis relief, joint pain, depression, mood and psychological disorders, skin health, IBS, and possibly some cancer like prostate and colon cancer.

Finally, don’t forget to remember to think sustainably when you buy your fish. You can find a Seafood Watch Guide here. It’s important to be a responsible consumer and try to choose the fish that are not being over-farmed or grown using irresponsible practices. From what I have researched, steelhead seems to be a sustainable choice.


  1. Mike H. says

    Anybody that says “steelhead tastes identical to salmon” needs to check again: there is absolutely NO comparison between the tasteless farm-raised Atlantic salmon and ANY steelhead (farm-raised or not!). The taste, sorry to say, has been bred out of Atlantic salmon in favor of rapid growth and marketability, where steelhead retains some of its “wild” texture and flavor. Given a side-by-side choice, I will take the steelhead EVERY time.

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