Spice Up Your Organization

So, apparently the previous location of my spices above my stove and oven was not a smart idea. The heat destroys the spices as the oven and stove heat up. Alton Brown would frown upon that. And I am not tall enough to reach all the spices in that cabinet.

I decided to get creative, and tried to devise a magnetic wall system of organization.

So far it works pretty well, but I was doubtful at first because the magnets did not seem strong enough. It probably cost me $40-$50 to do this project, but it looks ten times better.

Here are the supplies you will need if you do this on your own:

  • Magnets ($5)
  • Adhesive to glue the magnets to containers
    • I used a hot glue gun
  • Light-weight containers ($6)
    • I used BPA free small Tupperware containers
  • A metal board ($35)
    • I ordered a metal bulletin board. I would recommend just getting a plain sheet of metal that is stronger and used for workroom organization like this:
      I am not sure if this is actually a whole lot cheaper than other methods of spice organization. We shall see if it comes crashing down from the wall one day!

    Update: The little magnets keep coming off the containers. I must find a better adhesive! I have tried a hot glue gun and super glue. Thought about Velcro. Not sure what else to try, but I will keep trying to make it work because it is still much better than those other expensive and cheaply made (for what you have to pay) magnetic systems.


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