Made some skrimpz (this is not a typo, only for LOL purposes) with my boyfriend who took these lovely photos, well he did most of the work making the dinner too, I just participated in eating of the dinner. He was cutting up chunks of ginger, smelly leeks, and putting in this “bulldog sauce” that reminds me of molasses… I was almost afraid to eat the concoction. But, it turned out yummy!

Ingredients (in no measured amount):
Shrimp, leeks, ginger, basil, sweet chili sauce, bulldog sauce, maybe some soy sauce, and garlic. And noodles… I think they are udon noodles.
Yes, those are the noodles that are probably very high on the glycemic index, and are carbohydrate reservoirs, and even have a salty/sweet coating on the outside which means they are even higher in sodium. So, not the most healthy carbohydrate source, but hey, you need some delicious noodles for delicious skrimpz. And, one serving goes a long way because they are so tasty.

Hope you have enjoyed the food porn! Until next time…
This dish was inspired by a favorite restaurant in the Atlanta area, Tasty China. They have a Basil Chicken dish that we tried to copy (with skrimpz). Oh, and when you walk in the restaurant there are these strange fat fish floating around in a tank looking like they are dead or about to die–creepy. But, the food is still good!


  1. says

    I want some skrimpz for dinner tonight- not even joking- these look delish!

    I got on a shrimp kick when I was in mexico and haven't had them since coming back.. That is going to change very soon!

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