Pumpkin Greek Yogurt

I discovered the most amazing healthy snack yesterday:

Low sugar/high fiber cereal (you can add fruit if you like as well), topped with plain fat free Greek yogurt, and then a dollop of pumpkin butter!

OK, this is not a chef extraordinaire dish, but it was tasty. I ate it before I left to ride my bike, and it was a perfect pre-workout snack.

We also bought some pumpkin ice cream.

I don’t usually buy big tubs of ice cream because I am not the best at portion controlling ice cream :) But, since it is seasonal, and you can only get it one time a year–why not?

But, you have to wonder, how much pumpkin is really in these pumpkin treats? In most cases items are just loaded up with sugar.


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      I actually did not make it, but I bought some at Trader Joe’s. I will definitely research a good healthy recipe, and let everyone know when I find something that turns out tasty!

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