Protein Bar Favorites

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I don’t normally buy many bars because I feel they are highly processed, and our bodies just weren’t meant to eat foods like that. However, sometimes they are a nice portable option. Here are a few of my current favorites. I choose these because they make me feel somewhat full, have lower sugar (or are at least sweetened with dried fruit), and are “cleaner” than some other bars.

Vega Bars: 

I think these are the nutrition facts for the bar I got… not 100% sure. But, if not, the nutrition facts would be very similar. I like this brand because the bars still contain a good amount of protein, are vegan, and contain a great amount of fiber. Plus, all whole foods are used!

Think Thin Bars:
I get the creamy peanut butter. This bar to me seems like a treat because it reminds me of a healthier candy bar. But, it has no sugar! They are gluten free, a little over 200 calories, and have about 20 grams of protein. And the good thing is that after about 10 minutes of eating one, you can feel fuller.
Main ingredients: whey protein, soy protein, calcium caseinate, maltitol (sugar alcohol), soy crisps, peanuts, canola oil, almonds, chicory fiber, vitamins, minerals.

Greens Protein Bar Whey Crisp:

I mentioned this one before. Of all the “Greens” bars, I like this one the best because it has lower sugar, more fiber, and a little more protein.

Gnu Flavor and Fiber Bars:

These aren’t quite a protein bar–they are more of a fiber bar of course. But, I like them because they do keep you fuller, and they do not contain any artificial ingredients. The main ingredient is oats!

I get the ones that are the lowest sugar like the banana walnut one. Mmm.

I would have put Lara Bars on this list as well, but I eat them more when I am exercising because they have a few more carbohydrates, and are easy to eat before and after workouts. They sit pretty well in the stomach. I love Lara Bars because they are made from dried fruit and nuts ONLY. No other ingredients!

Now, you are probably asking me, where can I get these bars? A lot you can get from Whole Foods. You can order online always. The Think Thin bars you should be able to get at your local regular grocery store.

2 thoughts on “Protein Bar Favorites

  1. More bars need to start sweetening their products with stevia (only) and using rice bran protein, pea protein and egg white protein! I don’t do the whole Whey & Sugar thing. LOL – Well Maybe I should just make them??

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