Plan to De-Stress Naturally

I notice that my stress levels and anxiety creep up on me without even realizing it. I tend to hold on to tension. And eliminating stress is key to optimal health!
Looking at pictures from my St. John trip like this is relaxing :)

This past week I had been trying to focus on my level of stress and anxiety and notice things that help to reduce or increase it. Here is what I have found:

  1. Morning exercise is key. However, I hate to exercise in the morning–I am an evening exercise gal. But, I felt so carefree after moving in the am.
  2. Duration and intensity of exercise: it helps when I push myself or when the activity lasts about an hour (As always, consult your doctor before beginning an exercise program or nutrition program).
  3. Avoid some multivitamins like this one I got from Whole Foods. There is some type of ingredient in here that increases my anxiety and I haven’t quite figured it out yet.
                                        Too many ingredients! Ah!
  4. Instead, I will supplement with a calcium with D occasionally, nutritional yeast (contains B vitamins), vitamin C occasionally, fish oil, and some brown rice protein powder at breakfast or at snacks. I mostly rely on eating a balanced diet with  plenty of whole foods to make sure I get what I need that way.
  5. Not eating 2 1/2- 3 hours before bedtime. When I do eat something close to bedtime that is higher in sugars or carbohydrates, I have intense dreams. This is due to the brain using glucose and becoming more active overnight.
  6. Yoga (or pilates) 1x per week. This is goal and hasn’t been happening lately, whoops!
  7. Reading before bedtime as a way to calm the mind.
  8. Avoid negative people in life. Stay away from those who bring you down, and be with those who bring you up. My Dad has always told me this :)
  9. Breathing exercises when I feel stressed, reading inspirational calming quotes, or just having a small 5 oz. portion of red wine!

Here is a whole list of things I found on Pinterest. Not sure of the source.
Enjoy the week, and I hope this is a reminder to help focus on stressing less. And since it is Valentine’s Day–1 oz. of dark chocolate has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety over a 2 week period! Eat up 😉
Up later this week… nutritional yeast, trying out different protein powders, and make at home curry!


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    Great tips Nicole! I have to agree about the am workouts. I like to do about 20 minutes of some light yoga mostly stretching in the mornings. It’s a nice way to wake up the body and mind, and helps me ease into the day. I save my more intense workouts for the afternoon.

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