Pickled Cactus and Chocolate New Year

New Year’s Eve for me was pretty relaxed since I just got back from vacation. We watched some Wilfred while drinking champagne, and then watched the ball drop via a streaming internet program aka for those who don’t have cable.

We discovered pickled cactus last night:
Basically tastes just like salt. And go figure, it has over 1000 mg of sodium in one serving (3/4 cup). Ridiculous. Anyway, Mr. Cyclist came up with the idea of making it a pizza topping with some chipotle peppers. Turned out great!
You know what they say about cactus? It is supposed to reduce your appetite–think, Hoodia. But, no, this is not a proven diet solution!

For New Year’s day, Mr. Cyclist made some vegetarian split pea soup (no ham this time–hooray!).

Always looks pretty gross…
Here is a similar recipe.

I had some super dark Godiva chocolate for dessert.
Only a few other times have I had chocolate this bitter. But, the more bitter, the healthier it is for you (more antioxidants). My sister spit it out when I tricked her into eating it–it wasn’t hard.
 But, check out the nutrition facts. Pretty surprising! 4 blocks of chocolate it quite a bit–I only like to have one square. Look how much fiber and iron this chocolate contains! Amazing. Just further proof that any natural food with high amounts of fiber will give you plenty of high quality nutrition. And for those of us looking to add extra iron in our diet without eating much meat–try dark chocolate!

Now, you can’t just buy any old chocolate bar. It has to be a minimally processed (ingredient list can not contain alkali), and higher than 60% cacao to be considered healthy, in my opinion.

Now I am off to see the movie New Year’s Eve!


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