Out with MyPyramid, In with MyPlate

I was so relieved to find out the USDA was switching to a plate as the icon for what our portions and serving sizes should look like. In the year 2011, who even thinks about that out-of-date pyramid? Barely anyone. Grains on the bottom, fats on the top–that is not a clear picture of how we should be eating.

The plate picture (below) gives us a good reminder of how we should strive to eat at each meal.

USDA MyPlate

  • Half our plate should be a fruit and/or vegetable at every meal.
  • A quarter of the plate should be a whole grain.
  • A quarter of the plate should be a lean protein.
  • And don’t forget to include a fat free or low fat dairy and a few healthy monounsaturated fats!

Anyway, I love the new plate icon look because it is a good visual reminder that we can use practically. What do you think, will this new MyPlate help you keep serving sizes and portions in mind?

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