Oscar’s Dinner

Went over to my family’s house to watch the Academy Awards. My Mom was cooking up some fabulous onion risotto.

Danny said he didn’t like it because it tasted too much like it had wine in it. I bet he just got too full from eating all that Cheez-It snack mix. That, or his lack of a refined palate.
My Dad kept yelling at him to stop snacking before dinnertime because it will ruin his appetite. I thought it funny because I am always telling my patients to grab a healthy snack before dinner to help them better portion control their dinner and not overeat. Emphasis on healthy snack like carrots and hummus or fruit and nuts.

I get what my parents meant all along. They just don’t want us filling up on foods devoid of nutrients before dinner. They want us to eat the foods that are going to get us the nutrients we need at dinnertime.

Anyway… here was my salmon dinner:
Delicious! But, of course, my Dad made some beef on the grill for the rest of the family. Thankfully, he made me some salmon :)
Ew, gross. Just my opinion.

Of course we had plenty of homemade chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake for dessert, but I won’t tempt you with those images 😉

Instead, here are some meal planning recipe ideas for the week:


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