Michelob Ultra Light Cider

BlogHer and Michelob Ultra asked me to review the new Ultra Light Cider (they sponsored this post)–the first ever cider produced Anheuser-Busch. It is the first light cider I have ever heard of. I was interested to know what it would taste like, and how much healthier it could really be. The Positives: It is gluten free, and 120 calories per bottle. Not too bad on the sugar either. This would be good for those who do not tolerate gluten as there is gluten in some ciders and beers. Made from apple juice, sugar, stevia, and sulphites to preserve. I was surprised to find stevia as one of the ingredients! I am glad there are no nasty artificial sweeteners used like aspartame.

The Negatives: The taste is not that amazing. The cider has a nice fizzy mouth-feel, and  is pretty refreshing, but the actual flavor is somewhat lacking. It has an apple candy flavor without the sour flavor. Overall, a very mild taste. Almost too mild. Some people might like that kind of flavor. If you don’t like strong flavors, or strong beverages, this would be for you. When I think of a cider, I think of drinking it in the fall weather, but this particular cider I could drink in the summer by the pool. Mainly because it doesn’t taste like a cider. It tastes like a mild, slightly fruity, fizzy beverage.

This is not for people who like to drink ciders. Rather, it would be a good pool-side beverage for those wanting something more refreshing and mild.

Overall, Michelob light cider is a great way to save some calories the healthy way. And for those of you who need a new pool-side beverage this summer, you could try out the light cider. Don’t be fooled by the “cider” name. Think, light apple candy adult drink! Haha.

Which favorite summer meal or activity do you think would go best with Michelob ULTRA Light Cider?

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