Malbec Wine Tasting

I don’t know a lot about the different types of red wines. All I know is that I like certain red wines, in particular, malbec wines. I used to like pinot noir, but now it has become a little sweet for me. Currently, I enjoy malbec wines and merlot on occasion.

Plus, we all know we can get wonderful antioxidants from red wine (as long as you don’t drink too much, then the health benefits start to dwindle).

My Dad, who is a wine connoisseur, invited me to a malbec wine tasting at the Vineyard Wine Market.  I like to think I can pick up some interesting flavors in the wines, but what I realized is that the wines start to taste like whatever you are eating on the side.

The first one was pretty bland compares to the others. The second was one of my favorites for the price. It was good, and almost as good as some of the others that we tasted later. Malbec wine is said to have originated from Cahors, France.
My favorite was the Reserve malbec. It is supposed to be the sexy one of the group. Haha. My Dad said the Kaiken was his favorite, but by that point, I had a hard time telling the difference. It was definitely good, but I preferred the other.

The main flavors that I taste in malbec wines (the flavors that malbecs are said to have) are: violet, black currant, vanilla menthol, truffle. I taste some other flavors sometimes, but those are the main recurring flavors, to me anyway. You could say whatever you want.

Maybe that is why wine tastings are fun–you can come up with wacky flavor profiles for the wine. We like to create our own idea of the flavor, and then compare it to what the tasting list says it should taste like.

I know that I enjoyed this wine tasting, and will be going to more in the future! Gotta get my resveratrol.



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    I love learning about wines, but I feel a total newbie and just so dumb at tastings. I really like pinot noir, and if you’re looking for a total low-brow wine (that’s still delicious) you have to pick up Cupcake Vineyards’ Red Velvet. That + super dark chocolate after dinner = amazing.

    • says

      Thanks for the rec. I always love to know what wines other people like because there are so many out there. So hard to choose! If anyone else has recommendations, let me know!

  2. JZ says

    why isn’t Matthew and Danny there with you guys? How rude to leave them behind!! Poor boys. I’m sure they would have loved the cheese.

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    Malbec is also used in Australia, and is gaining in popularity here. Sometimes it is used in Bordeaux style blends – with Cabernet Sauvignon and and Merlot for example, but it is also used on its own to make varietal wines.

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