Make Your Own Latte… Get A Milk Frother

I just love it when my coffee has some frothed foamy milk on top. It makes it taste more like I get whip cream on my coffee, but foamed milk is much healthier. I haven’t tried frothing soy milk yet, but I think it will be even more delicious.

I purchased the little Aerolatte milk frother for only $14 on Amazon.

Even though it is cheap, it still does the job. It takes about 10 seconds to create the foam. And it will save me money in the future. I won’t go to Starbuck’s as much and pay $2 for them to make me steamed and foamed milk!

Well, that’s my quick tip for today. I am off to watch the countdown to the Oscar’s red carpet, and maybe drink my own homemade latter or cappuccino.



  1. says

    I recently started doing this, too. However, I got a much cheaper frother at World Market, which seems to have died on me. I think I need to break down for one of these.

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