Mac ‘n Cheesy Cauliflower

I was reading Vegetarian Times at a friend’s house, and I got this idea to make cauliflower that tasted similar to mac ‘n cheese.
I added more garlic, onions, and some ground rosemary to mine to make it more grown-up. It was delicious and filling, and I brought it to work for lunch the next day.

I also stopped at Trader Joe’s and found this:
Nutella wannabe. I think they use more canola oil because the saturated fat content is a little lower. But, other than that it is pretty much the same as Nutella.
Delicious! Tastes very similar, but you can taste a slight almond butter flavor, and it just tastes healthier and slightly more gritty.

I have also started to get into couponing this week. I discovered the Krazy Coupon Lady, and have been plotting deals ever since. I figure that if I can save more money, I can spend more of that saved money on things I haven’t been able to do! My goal is to wait for good sales and use coupons on those particular sales only to get the lowest possible price. I am still learning…. But, I did manage to get this deal at Target:
 And here is the dress: Sorry for the crappy picture–it is a wrap dress.
And then, I got 4 cosmetics at CVS using extra bucks and sales for only $8!
Now… if only I can figure out how to get more healthy foods by couponing!

Love Your Humps Wednesday:
Don’t worry about the scale and the number. Put the focus on overall health :)


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