Low Carb Noodles: Yes, They Do Exist

I have been telling my weight loss patients about these Tofu Shirataki noodles for some time now.

They are a good alternative if you are working on weight loss and have already eaten enough carbs for the day (or, maybe you want to save room for a dinner roll or sweet treat). These noodles have only 5 g of carbohydrates (including 2 g fiber). Don’t get me wrong… it’s important to have healthy carbs in your day even when trying to lose weight. I am not a promoter of the Atkins diet.

Anyway, I ate them the other day, and was not a huge fan. However, Mr. Triathlete said he liked them. Maybe it is the texture that I have a problem with. The noodles are made from tofu and a tiny bit of yam flour. That’s it. They are only 40 calories for the whole bag. They taste just fine, but are a little slippery and slightly chewy. I would recommend using a thicker sauce with the noodles. Perhaps a healthier cheese sauce like Parmesan and garlic. We tried to make them with an Asian flair, and our sauce was just too thin and made the noodles even more slippery. No good.

As you can see, the noodles look just like regular pasta. I guess you will just have to taste them to see if you like them!



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    Another very low-carb noodle is made of mooli, an Asian radish. They’re extremely light, so they’re probably better in some kind of salad rather than a hot dish.

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    I tried these once at the recommendation of Hungry Girl and I was definitely not hungry anymore. I couldn’t even choke down my first bite, and the smell alone was enough to turn me off of these forever! I’d personally just live without carbs!!

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