So Long Holidays, Until Next Year…


It was a white Christmas this year in Atlanta. A once in a lifetime thing! It hasn’t snowed on Christmas in Atlanta in 130 years.

We hibernated for a while inside, but then decided to try to go sledding (with no sleds) in the pitch dark. Still was a lot of fun!

On to the food: We had delicious crab cakes for an appetizer on Christmas.

The recipe came from a restaurant called Van Gogh’s in Roswell, GA. Best crab cakes ever!

They are a little difficult to cook because there is no breading filler to help hold them together. But, sometimes the messiest food is the most delicious.

I have searched the internet, and here is the recipe I found that seems the closest. The crab cakes are made with flour and a little heavy cream, and some spices. Then, there is a dressing that goes on top that is a mustard and leek vinaigrette.

How was your Holiday?


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    I’m a little envious with white Christmases. If it hasn’t snowed in your area for 130 years, then it hasn’t snowed in our area ever! It would be fun to frolic in the snow during the holidays, but too bad that won’t happen to me. Probably when the Earth shifts though, lol.

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