Lettuce Wrap it up!

We loved this recipe (from Joy Bauer) for lettuce wraps so much that we made them twice last week. The flavor is excellent, they are fun to eat, healthier, and budget friendly! Perfect for summertime :)

lettuce wraps recipe

We used peanuts instead of cashews just to cut cost, and the taste was still great. Peanuts stay crunchier than cashews anyways, so I prefer them in this recipe.

I also recommend getting bibb lettuce or Boston leaf lettuce. Any type of lettuce that has large leaves that you will be able to fold up.

Here is the rough breakdown of the cost: $2 lettuce, $1.50 pepper, $3.50 chicken, $2 plum sauce (used half the jar), $1 water chestnuts. The other costs were very minimal or used pantry staples we already had. Total: A little over $10

Anytime I can do a meal (with leftovers) for $10 or less, I consider that a great accomplishment :)

healthy lettuce wraps

The recipe makes 4 servings at about 300 calories per serving.

To make your lettuce wraps, go here for the recipe! I normally post my own version of the recipe, but I pretty much followed this exactly.


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