Kitchen Table Makeover

So, this is a totally non-nutrition related post. But, I felt it worthy enough to share. I was tired of eating at a boring looking table and chairs. The chairs are wicker, and didn’t look stylish at all.


Sorry for the bad picture. It’s from 2 Christmases ago.

Not very inviting to come eat dinner at that table. In fact, we barely eat at the table. As a side note: about 93% of Americans eat in front of the TV which is a contributor to weight gain. So, part of me figured if I made a pretty new table it would be inviting to come eat our meals there. Mostly, I just wanted a new craft project.


There is still one chair in the corner that I was working on.

I spent about 1.5 days working on this. The table and chairs originally cost me $60 from craigslist, and the supplies to make it pretty cost about $46. What a deal! $106 spent total on a fancy new table and chairs that would normally cost at least $500.

Materials Used:

  • High gloss espresso brown paint (I was going to stain it, but the finish on the wood wouldn’t sand down very well). ($11)
  • Paint brush ($4).
  • Batting to cover the wicker ($10-11).
  • Fabric (about 2.5 yards–I got extra if I need to re-upholster a chair). (~$20)


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