Kashi Frozen Meals

I normally don’t eat frozen meals because of the processed ingredients and high levels of sodium. I randomly decided to try Kashi’s Tuscan Veggie Bake. Mr Triathlete was also out of town, so I didn’t feel like making a bigger dinner.
I read the package, and it listed all these veggies–seemed very appealing. I have had the lime cilantro shrimp one they used to have and it was my fav. So, I gave this a try.
Here is what it looked like coming out of the microwave. My plan was to cook it in the toaster oven, but forget that–it would’ve taken 45 mins for this little thing. So, it doesn’t exactly look like the picture on the box. It looks messy, but it is bigger than you expect it to be.

But, it did taste pretty good! There were little bits of eggplant in there, garlic, and basil flavors. And the sauce was very thick and tasty. There were some lentils mixed in there, so I am sure the starched helped thicken it. Most frozen meals get very soupy and watery–this did not. Yum. And it’s vegan, so it doesn’t have cheese, and it still tasted great.

Only 260 for the whole thing! So, I ate something else with it, but this little thing was pretty filling.

1.5 g saturated fat.

High sodium–700 mg. I like for frozen meals to be 600 mg or less.

8 g fiber–excellent.

Some sugar–probably from the tomato sauce, and there is a small amount of sugar added.

7 g protein–I wish this was a little higher for a meal.

Overall, the nutrition facts and ingredients are not bad at all for a frozen meal.

I would probably buy it again, but not frequently.


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