How to Look Your Beach Body Best: Day-of Tips

My beautiful sister
So many (women mostly) fear how they will look at the season’s first pool party of the year. And it’s coming to that time… it’s almost the end of March! Never fear! I have some tips for day-of beach body toning. 
  • In the morning, drink water, tea, or coffee to keep hydrated (not bloated!). 
    • If you are not hydrated and have eaten too many salty processed foods, that sodium/salt attracts water and holds onto it and and creates bloating.
  • For breakfast, have some yogurt which will not cause bloating.
  • 2 hours before your pool party debut, sweat it out a little if you have time (ex: jump rope 20 minutes or quick jog or jumping jacks) to get rid of some body water (but, still remember to stay hydrated or this will not work).
  • Before you walk out the door do 5 minutes straight of lunges and squats to pump up the blood going to your legs (your muscles will temporarily increase in size and create less “jiggle”). Do another 3 minutes of sit-ups and 2 minutes of push-ups (and do not stop while performing these exercises!). Total time= 10 minutes.  Total confidence increase=100%. Total “jiggle” decrease= 50%.
  • While at the pool party: Snack on things like all natural unsalted almonds, keep hydrated with water and a squeeze of lemon, and do not drink carbonated beverages. And stay away from foods with sugar alcohols because they may cause a little abdominal gas (maltitol, sorbitol, etc. in diet granola bars and candies and some flavored waters).
  • Lunch at the pool: A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is actually an anti-bloat food if you use the peanut butter without a ton of added salt. 
  • Don’t forget to have fun and play around in the pool! Moving around in the water will help get your heart pumping to move blood to those muscles!


  1. archie says

    2 mins of push-ups non stop? That’s more or less impossible. Try 2×30 seconds with one minute rest between = still 2 minutes. Same with sit-ups.

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