Hilarious Peeps

I don’t ever eat peeps around Easter time, and I consider them quite inedible. However, they are a “food” item that can be fun to play with 😀 Here are some funny Flickr finds. Though, you can find the best, cutest peep idea at Serious Eats–peeps made into sushi!

 Star Wars http://www.flickr.com/photos/magandafille/ / CC BY-NC 2.0

Peeps Nutrition Facts: 32 calories per peep, 8 carbs per peep (mostly all sugar, corn syrup, gelatin).
I believe peeps are so indestructible due to the amount of wax in them. Do you really want to be eating something so indestructible? Poor stomach… that is why I would rather have peep wars with them. 
 Or, make your own peeps like the photo below. You just have to be able to make marshmallow.


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    Peeps are these sugary sticky marshmallow candy coated in different colors of sugar. They started out as little chicks for Easter time, then bunny shapes were created, and more holiday shapes were created. People often make fun of them because they are more of a novelty and fun thing than something we would actually eat.

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