Healthier Store Bought Pizza

It is very hard to find a healthier frozen pizza. But, of course, Trader Joe’s had a pretty good veggie pizza.
It had no cheese, so I added some fat free ricotta for some protein, and some sun dried tomatoes for extra flavor (they got a little burnt, but that makes them tasty).

The whole pizza is 750 calories (minus the ricotta). Half the pizza filled me up pretty well since I added the ricotta, and had a glass of milk with it. The good thing is that there are no nasty preservatives–just wheat flour, lots of veggies (adding a great amount of fiber), and some natural flavorings like vinegar and lemon juice.

I didn’t even miss all the cheesy goodness of a normal pizza. You could easily have this vegan, and not add cheese.

Have been doing some Les Mills style exercise classes this week and last and they are

kicking my butt–which I like. Finally, an exercise class that is truly challenging. But, it doesn’t have to be. It is all about what level you choose to exercise at.

Anyway, I highly recommend the Les Mills classes. So far, “body attack” was the hardest because you are constantly moving your arms and legs everywhere. That was the most I have sweated in a while!

Hope everyone is surviving this week of crazy pollen! Keeping my windows shut yesterday and today so that my home doesn’t turn into a yellow green mess.

Love Your Humps Wednesday:


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    Store bought pizza can be really good and it is one way to help track the calorie count I by store bought pizza all the time and yes I also add my own toppings I have a thing for sun dried tomatoes.

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