Go Green with Foods on Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Time to think about how we can help the planet by choosing sustainable foods.

Eat less meat. Even if the average person reduced meat consumption by just 20% we would see a difference. And we could save money :)

Why? Excess animal waste pollutes the earth (cows produce about 18% of greenhouse gases) and raising the animals requires many more resources, water, land (hundreds of acres of forests have been cut down to grow food for cows).

This also requires the use of more pesticides and herbicides.

Did you know fact: Much of our tax dollars are helping to provide resources for meat production.

How to eat less meat: Pick a few days out of the week to eat no meat. Try joining in with Meatless Mondays. Remember to choose other high protein foods like quinoa, beans, peas, lentils, and nuts.

Choose Sustainable Foods. This means the foods have been produced to try to work in harmony with natural resources and the environment.

  • Try to choose more organic foods to support better farming practices when you can.
  • Go to the farmer’s market or join a CSA to get food as local as possible.
  • Try not to choose “at risk” seafood. Find out what to choose here.
  • Buy foods that are in season.
  • Choose fair trade foods and products to help the farmers receive fair pay and conditions. You can find a guide here.
  • Get rid of plastic packaging and bottles. I like these glass water bottles from LifeFactory that have a flip-top.
  • To read more go to Sustainable Table here.

Happy Earth Day!

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