Foods of the Baltic

Just got back from my Baltic cruise vacation. Was super jet-lagged yesterday. Felt like I was in the Twilight Zone all day.  I drank some kefir this morning to ward off getting sick due to lack of sleep–I swear by drinking kefir to prevent the common cold.

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure here are the foods I ate while on the trip. I did not stick to the healthiest foods because I wanted to try different things while in a different country.

The main strip in Copenhagen, Nyhavn, is full of expensive $40 entree dinners. We lucked out, and found this small little local bar place right off the main canal. Took us a while to find, but we got affordable wine, beer, and these open face “sandwiches” that they are known for. Just a small square of flat real rye bread with a piece of fish or egg and shrimp with fresh herbs and some type of sauce. They were meant to be little appetizers to eat with a beverage, but we made it our dinner–it had been a long day of travel!

Cruise Ship Food:
Made a salad topped with a beet/corn salad and I loved getting roasted turkey because it is such a pain to make at home. Great to take advantage of on a cruise ship.

The first night I got a Mediterranean curry type dish that was super tasty. Loaded with veggies.

Princess love boat dream dessert. Super cute dessert. 

Lots of shrimp dinners.

Plentiful desserts. The ice cream was a favorite.

My snack/lunch food one day. So funny because I have a load of veggies and then throw a piece of bread and cookie on the plate.

I loved having the julienne vegetables because it was something different, and they always had some type of new veggie sandwich.

Ate a load of cantaloupe because it was the main fresh fruit they had that I liked.

I tried escargot for the first time. What you taste mostly is butter, garlic, and something that tastes halfway between shrimp, crawfish, and mussels.

The tastiest vegetarian dish–very rich and decadent, though. A pumpkin/sweet potato crepe with a cream garlic topping and dallop of tomato sauce. I already dug into it before taking a picture. Then, when I ate it, I said hold on this is so good, I have to take a picture to remember!



Loved this apple, celery, walnut yogurt salad.

Borsch and other pickled soup that I actually liked!

Russian vodka for the birthday man. I rarely drink any vodka or hard liquor, but this was a pretty decent vodka, or so it seemed…

Helsinki, Finland:

Gross large hot dogs. I despise hot dogs.

Massive meringues. Everywhere we went seemed to have massive pastries and fresh breads. What I started to realize is that these countries had fresh baked pastries and breads and NOT super processed packaged sweets.

Cocktail Time:


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    You looked beautiful. I could almost smell the foods from the pictures you took. Leave it to an RD to find healthy foods among all the choices available. Now, what can I whip up for breakfast? Off to the kitchen…

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