Food Review: What Not To Buy

I bought this Greek yogurt veggie dip made by Marzetti. I was dying for something new, healthy, and delicious to dip my veggies in.

I figured this would be perfect because Greek yogurt has a similar taste to sour cream. Well, it is disgusting. Why? Because they put fish oil in it, and all you taste is the fish oil! One serving contains 200 mg of omega 3s. That’s wonderful and healthy, but if you can’t stomach the food, no one is going to eat it! It seriously taste like some opened one of my fish oil capsules and dumped it into the dip. Gross. It’s funny because I would think the company would have consumer tests before putting the product on the shelves.

I can almost taste the spinach artichoke flavor, so this dip would be very tasty and a good healthy veggie dip if there was no fish oil. And it’s only 60 calories and 4.5 g fat per 2 TBSP. One other drawback is that is does have quite a bit of sodium per serving (almost 200 mg). And if you eat two or three servings, that is too much sodium.

Bottom Line: I wanted my fellow healthy peeps to be aware of this nastiness so that you don’t waste $3 or $4 like I did.


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