Food Network Re-creation: Salmon Dinner

I was watching Giada the other day, and she was making salmon. It looked delicious and healthy. So, when I went to my family’s house we decided to re-create the whole meal. Even though it is the middle of the winter, light summer-like meals are a nice change from the root veggies, soups, and stews.

You can find the Giada recipe for the salmon and the salsa verde here. For the citrus salsa we left out the mint because I don’t care for mint and neither does my Dad.

My Mom made this sugar snap peas salad with mozzarella balls, red onion, carrots, and balsamic dressing. And whole wheat couscous too!

And then my little brother (not so little though–he is 15 and about 6 ft tall) ate a hotdog because he doesn’t like fish or many veggies or couscous! Picky teenager. I made him use whole wheat bread to ate least get some nutrition :)

And then we had brownies and ice cream for dessert.

Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend.


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