Food in Aruba: Part 1

Me and my dushi (means “sweet” or “sweetie”) went to Aruba with his Mom and her friend. When you think of going to a warm weather place you think of fresh produce, and seafood. There was plenty of fresh fish (we ate a lot of grouper), but Aruba is a desert-like island and does not grow much of its own produce. Most everything is imported except Balashi beer, fish, goat, and a few local fruits.

Balashi Beer and Amstel Bright (not Amstel Light in Aruba). Mr Triathlete says the Amstel Bright tastes like a cheap watered down American beer, and the Balashi tastes better and like it has less water added. I don’t like many beers so, I left that to him. Tortilla chips (we ate a lot of these with homemade pico de gallo) and bagels in the background.

Blackened Grouper

Blackened Mahi Mahi (another local fish)

Delicious salad at Fishes and More

Vanilla ice cream with bits of coconut at Fishes and More. Who knew a tiny bit of coconut can make ice cream so delicious!

More blackened grouper! This was at Wacky Wahoo’s which is rated #1 in Aruba by Tripadvisor, so of course we had to go and see what it was all about.

The creamy seafood soup was the best thing we had by far–we all agreed. It has fennel, saffron, cream, and all kinds of seafood in it. I guess for $8 it better be delicious. But, the fish we had was cooked very well and just melted in your mouth. There was also this mysterious green cheese on one of the grouper dishes. I have no idea how it is green. It was supposed to be gouda cheese.

We made a few dinners at the house we rented. The grocery stores did not have much of a selection, so the cooking was a little limited. One night we made a seafood pasta with scallops. We had some brie cheese and carrot sticks as an appetizer–a little silly. Another night we cooked grouper. I told you… a lot of grouper.

And then there were the snacks…

We discovered these yummy corn coated peanuts (garden flavor aka salt).

Almond thin cookies!

Nutella knock-off hazelnut spread (I think the label said it only had 3% hazelnuts) with Holland-something cookies.

Then there was the awful ice cream. We picked it out thinking it was chocolate chip, right? No way–it was licorice ice cream. The most disgusting thing ever. We also picked out cinnamon ice cream which actually tasted more like red hots. Finally, we chose a good ice cream–maple syrup waffle flavor.

We packed our lunch a few times at the beach…

Traditional Aruban food to be continued…


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    I loved Aruba food! My girlfriend and I were there in December and our favorite meal of the trip was at Madame Janette’s, which everyone on the Aruba forums recommended. I got the Burgerloin and it was sooooo good, one of the best meals of my life. She got the Tenderloin and loved it as well.

    One of the more interesting food choices of the trip came at Fishes and More right on the main strip. I got the wahoo fish, and it was quite delicious. If I had to compare it to another type of fish it would be halibut, but it really tasted like nothing I had ever had before. All in all, Aruba had some of the best food I’ve had on any trip. I heard nothing but good things about Passions on the Beach, had reservations there on the last night of the trip, but got sick and had to miss it. So disappointing! Thanks for your great article!

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