Fitness Cereal

Fitness Cereal? Seriously? It’s as if Nestle is advertising when you eat their cereal you will become fit. You can’t find this cereal in the US; I saw it in Costa Rica. I just think it is funny to find the different products in other countries that promote health. It even comes with a DVD so that you can belly dance your way to a flat belly! Funny. It’s actually not a bad idea for products in the US. If every cereal we bought had a workout DVD, maybe Americans would have more motivation to workout (and not be so overweight). Just an idea.
The cereal happens to be about 100 calories, 0.7g fat, 25g carbohydrate, 3g fiber, 4g sugar, 3g protein.

Remember 3 guidelines when buying cereal:

  • Choose a whole grain cereal (whole grain wheat/bran/oats should be the first ingredient on the ingredient list)
  • 5g or less of sugar
  • 5g or more of fiber

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  1. landanimal says

    I am not sure Nestle and fitness belong in the same sentence together! And it is just really sad to me to see advertisers preying on people's desire to be fit and attractive. And besides the free DVD, I'm not sure what this cereal or any cereal has to do with fitness.

  2. Mel says

    OMG…they sold this cereal while I was abroad in the Middle East in 09. Of course I couldn't read the nutritional statistics at all but I've been looking for it everywhere since!

  3. says

    This is funny. I am like one of the other posters. Nestles and fitness in the same sentance seems odd.

    Most people eat too many carbs, but the workout dvd may be worth the purchase.

  4. says

    My husband and I had this cereal in Costa Rica….we loved it but can’t get it in the US unless we want to pay over $7.00 from Amazon…can you believe that? We don’t usually eat cereal either but this is good stuff.

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