Favorite Snacks of the Week: Banana Buddies & Artichoke Spread

I love banana buddies, especially the new ones I found that have peanuts!

Such a good natural alternative for a dessert! 200 calories, and the only ingredients are banana, chocolate, and peanuts! Perfect.

Cherries are in-season now, and I got some they were so pretty–a nice deep red color. For some reason, that makes them seem even more delicious!

While I was at Whole Paycheck, I bought their spinach and artichoke dip/spread. I love spinach and artichoke, but usually avoid it because it can get high calorie very quickly. But, this one was only 45 calories for 2 Tbsp., and seemed packed full of veggies. Less filler ingredients.
Spread on some fresh whole wheat sourdough bread

I also dipped some carrots in it to try to eat more veggies.

I have got into the habit of buying blue corn chips instead of regular old corn chips. I buy them in hopes that I am getting more antioxidants because of the blue/purple color. That’s how you know you are a dietitian/nutrition nerd.

Have a good weekend, everyone! Happy Friday :-)


  1. says

    Those Banana Buddies looks awesome. I went to their website and it looks like they only have them in the US . . . I would love to see if they ship to Canadal

  2. carol dyrek says

    I have enjoyed Banana Buddies for a long time. However, in the last box I bought, one of the bananas that was sealed in a bag had a large bite taken out of it. Leads me to believe there is a problem with quality control. I will think twice about buying another box.

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