Fat Everywhere in America’s Restaurants

Mr. Triathlete went to Bob Evan’s and had an experience with excess amounts of margarine. I was so irked by his experience at the restaurant that I had to blog about.

Just look at the excessive amount of margarine he was given for his bread. Ridiculous. This amount of margarine equals an average person’s total fat needs for the entire day. Now, the reason I was more irritated with this situation: they must have given him this amount of margarine because customers must have asked for this amount frequently in the past. Servers are smart. They do not want to run back and forth giving customers more margarine. If customers average 11 pats per table, then that is what servers will bring.

There is no quick solution or answer to this problem. I have nothing else to say except how ridiculous and unhealthy I think many American restaurants are. I am doing my part by counseling overweight and obese patients on how to choose healthier choices so that restaurants will change over to healthy options for their health-conscious market.

Lastly, this margarine is full of trans fat. Artery-clogging, cholesterol boosting trans fat. It is exactly what America needs less of.

Update: I have new information that this amount of margarine was supposed to be for all the bread and baked potatoes. That makes it seem not as bad, but still, I wish restaurants offered more real butter or trans fat free margarine.

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  1. MelissaNibbles says

    I think it has more to do with the server being busy and not wanting to make multiple trips. It's a no win situation :(

  2. Kelly Olexa says

    Hey!! Just found your blog today and totally LOVE it. I'm a Bob Evans fan from when I lived in Columbus OH but you are right, that is VILE!! Frankly I'm surprised how much I still see Sweet N Low and Equal…..at restaurants.

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