Fall Foodie Weekend

Met up with the family this weekend for a little hike and a drive to the apple orchards!

We started off the morning with a breakfast casserole made by my Dad:

Not super healthy… Not my favorite anyway because of the sausage and cheese everywhere. So, this is what my plate looked like:

And then ate more nuts, and a slice of bread.

We drove to our hiking spot, and let Nala play in the water!

Stopped in town after our hike, and a few of us (not me!) got some sugary sodas. Not so good. A quote from my sister, “I never drink soda”. Except for when you do! Haha.

Stopped at the apple orchard to pick up some fresh apples. Apple season always is amazing because the rest of the year you forget how fresh apples can taste.

Picked up some winesap and cameo apples. I haven’t had many winesap apples before, but I like them for their mildly sweet and sour flavor and good crunch.

After our scenic drive home, we had family salmon dinner per usual that was delicious.

And of course, some sinfully rich brownies (from Barefoot Contessa recipe) made by Psycho Holiday Baker:

And some apple pies (blackberry, lemon, and coconut too!) that we got from the apple orchard:

And then, and arm wrestle for good measure.

Relaxing fall weekend! As always, it’s about learning how to deal with eating in moderation and what that truly means 😉


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    Since going to Hillcrest and then graduating from college, Fall then became apple picking season. Nothing’s more interesting than getting a scenic drive out to Julian to go pick apples. I’ve taken several friends on this outing and everyone else has seemed to love it.

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