Happy Easter, everyone!

This Easter I went to my parents’ house, and the Psycho Holiday Baker (she now refers to herself as Trixie Treats) was at it again. She made cupcakes for everyone with their favorite toppings on each cupcake:

But, before the sweets we had some appetizers. Psycho Holiday Baker aka Trixie Treats made some spinach artichoke dip (Emeril’s recipe), and it was so heavy and filling. I couldn’t bring myself to post a picture of the casserole dish because of all the grease on top.

But, here is what it looks like with some chips. A little too cheesy for me.

And then there was the star of the meal: The Ham. Ugh, gross. I hate ham. I don’t think I have ever liked it. Too sweet, salty, and chewy.

I had a piece of spicy BBQ chicken instead :) And then, went back for seconds!

We also had some delicious scalloped potatoes (Tyler Florence recipe).

And some festive deviled eggs:

After dinner, it was finally time to eat the Trixie Treats. Here was my pretty cupcake:

We also had an advanced level Easter egg hunt since we are all between the ages of 15 and 27. This means finding eggs in the dark. I won $16! Haha.

And the Easter Bunny brought me my Easter basket in a lunch bag–how convenient.

I got coffee, a bathing suit (not pictured), lots of chocolate, lip gloss, gift card to Starbuck’s, lotion, hand sanitizer, magazine, etc. I guess I was good this year because I got a lot of stuff. Either that or my Mom really misses having her girls at home, and likes to buy us girly things.

Anyway, it was a pretty day out, and everyone enjoyed it including Lucy.


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