Easiest Falafel Recipe Idea

Have you tried falafel yet? It is ground up chickpeas with spices, and then formed into patties and usually fried. It is a great vegetarian or vegan protein option. They are super tasty. Reminds me of a hush puppy, but health-ified version.

I recommend to check and see if your grocery store carries this Fantastic World Foods brand which is a dehydrated chickpea powder. All you have to do is add water, stir, and form into patties.
Then, coat  baking sheet lightly with olive oil, and bake the patties for about 15-20 minutes until that start to brown. Very easy!

Another option would be to buy plain dehydrated chickpea meal at a health food store like Whole Foods. You can then add your own spices, and add water to form a paste. It is easier to do this than use whole chickpeas/garbanzo beans.

I had some this past week on top of a salad and used a light natural vidalia onion and dill dressing.
Another idea is to stuff the falafel in a whole wheat/whole grain wrap or pita with some veggies.

This is much lighter than restaurant falafel which is likely fried (and soaks up a lot of oil since the beans act as a perfect sponge). And it can be healthier because you can use olive oil, and watch your sodium when at home. One serving of falafel gets you 5 grams of fiber, too!

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  1. Angie says

    Thanks for making me aware of this great food that does indeed look like hush puppies, but nutritionally much better!

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