Delicious not Nutritious: Phyllo Dough

Ever since I made super tasty Spanokopita, I realized how much I love phyllo dough. Yes, it is a refined white dough, but it is a delicious alternative to buttery pastry doughs. I like the flakiness and crunchiness of all the little layers when you bite into it. For those who don’t know, phyllo dough is a traditional Greek dough made with no yeast, and rolled even thinner than paper. It almost seems like puff pastry, but it is completely different because the layers of phyllo dough are separate. In puff pastry, butter creates the flaky layers.

I saw Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for mushroom strudel, and wanted to make something similar. All you have to do is saute about 1 lb. sliced mushrooms (any kind) with onions (optional), and season with some parsley and garlic. I deglazed the pan with about 1/2 cup white wine. Preheat your oven while you are waiting to 400 F. When the mushrooms have cooked down, you are ready to fill your phyllo.
To prepare the phyllo: cut the sheet of dough so it is in two long strips. You can use three sheets of dough at a time to wrap up the mixture. You may have to refer to this video to learn how to fold into triangles. Sprinkle the mushroom mixture with parmesan cheese, then wrap up!
Note: Phyllo dough handles best for me when it is still very cold.

Nutrition Facts: Phyllo dough can become high calorie pretty quickly (each sheet of dough is about 50 calories) because you are layering the dough, so I would recommend making recipes with phyllo dough as an appetizer for a party because one or two triangles would be enough.

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  1. wellpurposed says

    I LOVE Greek food . . . and I (somewhat shamefully) admit that I have downed more than a few servings of spanakopita in one sitting. Seriously. I have no self control. But I think if I made it myself and could sample small bites as I went or something, I might be less inclined to overdo it — that tends to be how it goes when I bake, anyway. Thank you for posting this!

  2. says

    I went to this Greek restaurant once in Montreal and tried them. I was blown away by how good they are! But true, I could feel that it was far from being anything remotely fat free. Of course, any food that has butter is rich and that what it makes its taste sublime. I have some guest this weekend and wanted to try something different. This I’m sure would blow them away. Thanks for the general instructions

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