Christmas Trip to The Outer Banks (In Pictures)

First, Mom, aka Psycho Holiday Baker, packed up the car with about 30 pounds of cookies.
Then, we started our drive through the night, and made it to Steak and Shake at about 5 am just outside Raleigh, NC.
Please note: making these kind of choices at 5 am in the morning can definitely lead to weight gain. But, we needed the calories and sugar to keep us going in the car! A one-time only kind of thing.

We finally made it to the Outer Banks at about 8:30 am Christmas Eve where we ate at a Pancake House. My Dad used about 20 or more ketchup packs for his breakfast. Ridiculous. And not very eco-friendly.
Everything was closed, except the grocery store on Christmas Eve, so we bought 6 frozen pizzas and made a large salad for 14 people. I insisted on a few organic pizzas, and no trans fat pizzas!
Oh, and I burnt a pepperoni pizza because I couldn’t get used to the convection oven. Whoops!
Then, we had the baking crew prepping Psycho Holiday Baker’s famous French toast for the next morning.
¬†We also had a hard time with more quantity foods production. How in the world do you work 4 coffee pots at once… I did go to school and get a degree that qualifies me to perform these tasks!
¬†Mimosa’s on Christmas morning!
Nala was dying for some lasagna.
Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you have had a wonderful break.
One final pic that I promised the 14 people in our group that they would end up on the blog…


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