Brown Rice Triscuits vs. Whole Wheat Triscuits

A few years ago, I stopped buying most big brand crackers including Triscuits. The main reason was I realized all the crackers were made with a vegetable oil like soybean oil (which is pro-inflammatory). Plus, they usually contain some processed ingredients even if the first ingredient says “whole wheat”. Whole wheat doesn’t mean healthy all the time.

brown rice triscuit cracker

brown rice triscuits

Well, now Triscuit decided it would follow along with the brown rice health fad. Even though brown rice is gluten free, the crackers are not gluten free.

I did a comparison of the two. As you can see, the generic, original, reduced fat version is on the right.

are brown rice triscuits healthy

New Triscuit negatives: soybean oil, sugar, yeast extract (basically like MSG), lower fiber, lower protein, somewhat small serving size for the calorie level

Triscuit positives: Brown rice as first ingredient, contain some sweet potato, sodium is lower

Generic original reduced fat cracker negatives: higher sodium, TBHQ preservative, still contains some vegetable oils

Generic positives: More simple ingredients, less oils used, larger serving size for the calories, more fiber, more protein, more iron, cost about $1.00-0.70 less.

One big problem I have with the new Triscuit is that it seems like all they were trying to do is make an addictive cracker. Once you open the box, it is hard to stop. Probably because yeast extract is an addictive taste additive. I do like that they were trying to go a little more natural and use more brown rice. But, the third ingredient is still some type of white wheat!

In conclusion, I will very seldom buy these crackers, or any type of cracker like this because I still know there are healthier cracker options out there. However, I still like the Triscuit brand for trying to be better than the rest of the big brand crackers.

For now, it will be back to my Mary’s Gone Crackers!!

mary's gone crackers


    • says

      I’m from Montana and we’re limited to get a chance to get a lot of these products. I will try to find the Mary’s gone crackers. Thanks again! !!

  1. Soni says

    When I saw the commercial I automatically assumed these were gluten-free but as a celiac would have checked the label to confirm. Thanks for saving me the trouble and for the Mary’s Gone Crackers recommendation as well.

  2. says

    Well you can say what you want about Triscuit Rice Crackers; I for one just LOVE them, especially the (1) Sweet Potato and (2) the Tomato Basil. The heck with carbs and saturated fats – go with the “everything in moderation” attitude.

    • Joi says

      They were okay, but I don’t need them…especially considering the fact that they aren’t even healthier. That sodium needs to be reduced in the reduced fat generic triscuits. That is ridiculous.

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