Beware! Fried Food Ahead!

My Dad and his friends went to Helen for a tubing adventure, and decided it would be a great idea to grab some hot fried food and watch others floating down the river. They stopped at Margaritaville in Helen, GA and all they serve is hamburgers, hotdogs, and fried food. Sad.
Tommy explained his greasy decision to me: “Let me tell you–it kept me full all night. We ate this at 3:00, and I wasn’t hungry the rest of the day. And then I did have a very small salad.”

These thoughts are very typical for most people. The idea is that if you only eat one “bad” meal per day, it won’t hurt you…. especially if you eat 1 whole serving of vegetables sometime that day in order to cleanse your system. Oh yeah, and check out the extra salt (pictured above). Now, I am going to break the bad news. Fried food, and “junk food” is something to avoid daily. You can not eat your “junk foods”, and then make it nutritous by adding 1 serving of vegetables. The recommendation is 5-9 fruit/vegetable servings per day (not per week like most people like to think).
Now, I must point out that sometimes we are victims of circumstance. Sometimes there are literally no healthy choices at a restaurant. In this situation the best option would have been a plain old hamburger with no cheese, and no mayo. Second best option for holding true to a healthy diet would be portion control. Eat the fried food, but only a handful–not 3 different types of fried foods (sorry, Tommy).
Finally, I must point out that these guys were having a guys weekend that they only do once a year. Eating junk foods on occasion (a few times per year) won’t hurt you.

Check out the people behind them looking critically at their food choices.
More evidence of unhealthy eating during guy’s weekend.
I don’t normally pick on a person’s eating habits. My Dad, Tommy, and Art just happen to think it is hilarious that I blog about healthy eating. So, they documented their unhealthy behaviors just for me. Well, here you go, guys; here is what I think about your food choices!

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    I tell people a once in a while poor food choice, is different than eating that way all the time. Good food choices is something we all have to work at. It is hard, with all the low nutrition, fast foods around us, unless you make up a strong “why”.

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