Apple Protein Cake Bars

I made the carrot protein bars twice over the last two weeks, so I was getting tired of them. This time, I decided to try Jamie Eason’s apple protein bar recipe.

The consistency came out much different from the last protein bars. These are much more cakey and you can taste the egg in them. Overall, the flavor is great.

apple protein bars

The recipe calls for one whole apple, grated so this helps add flavor and sweetness without making them unhealthy 😉

Jamie Eason protein bars

To make this recipe, follow the recipe at this link here. I added an extra spoonful of flax to mine. And if you are looking for almond meal, you can find it in most grocery stores. I buy the Bob’s Red Mill brand. Or, you can always order online. It is pretty expensive, but it will last a while because you only need small amounts in recipes.

apple protein cake

Another note: When you pour the mixture into your baking dish, it will look a little gross, but when baked, you get this nice puffed cake!

Nutrition Facts: (When cut into 16 squares) 1 bar is about 64 calories, 4 g carbohydrate, 8 g protein.

Overall, these bars are more filling than I expected and I will definitely make them again!


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